Puppy Vet Schedule: What to Expect

After getting everything on your new puppy checklist the next thing that needs to be done is getting on a puppy vet schedule.

We need to call your local Vet’s office to schedule their new puppy visit. We need to make sure they’re in perfect health and get them on a vaccine schedule.

Let’s talk about what to expect during these upcoming visits. It can be a lot to take in but I’m going to prepare you! We’ll get into all the details of what they need when you need to go back. Because as a Vet Tech, we’re here to make sure the only thing living in and on your pet, is your pet!

First Vet Visit: What to Expect #newpuppy #newkitten #firstvetvisit

Puppy Vet Schedule:Exam

Your pet’s doctor will do a full exam where they will listen to their heart and lungs. They will check joints and look for any health issues that may be concerning to your pet’s health.

Some questions you may be asked:

  • Your pet’s diet
  • Are they eating/drinking good?
  • Any vomiting/diarrhea?
  • How is potty training going?
  • Any concerns you may have

Puppy Vet Schedule: Vaccines

So ideally there’s a series of vaccines. Each Veterinarian will do things differently so be sure to ask questions if you’re not sure about something.

Bordetella (Kennel cough)
Lyme Vaccine*Rabies Vaccine (Dogs & Cats)
Flu Vaccine

We usually start the first round of vaccines at 6 weeks. Most of the time this is when you pick up your new puppy/kitten to come home and the breeder may have already given this first vaccine.

Always ask about the first vaccine, because if the breeder gave it– well lets just say 95% of the time we need to do it again. I’ve seen those over-the-counter vaccines give more dogs parvovirus than prevent against it, be warned.

6 weeks- 9 weeks- 12 weeks- 16 weeks. Every 3-4 weeks vaccines need to be boostered until 16 weeks of age. At each of these visits your Vet may recommend checking for intestinal parasites(worms) to make sure we’ve taken care of the entire life cycle and the only thing living with your pet, is your pet.

6 & 9 Weeks

At each visit your puppy will get a distemper-parvo(da2pp) vaccine. It will have a combination of viruses in it to protect your pet. Leptospirosis may be recommended for your pet that is added to their vaccine after the initial 6 week vaccine. There are other vaccines that can be introduced such as: bordetella(kennel cough), Lyme, and Flu, etc.

Your kitten will get feline combo vaccine(fvrcp) specifically for cats. It has multiple viruses in it as well. Leukemia may be recommended for cats. If their history is unknown your cat or kitten may have to be tested for Leukemia before the vaccine is given. Usually recommended at 9 weeks of age.

12 Weeks

12 weeks of age is the earliest a pet can get a Rabies vaccine in the state of Kentucky. Your vet may give this right at 12 weeks or wait until 16 weeks of age. The rabies vaccine doesn’t need to be boostered because it is a killed vaccine. Other vaccines will be a modified live where the virus is weakened so the body can overcome it and create an immunity.

16 Weeks

At the 16 week visit, your pet will receive their Rabies vaccine tag and a certificate. Your pet has graduated from its vaccines and is free of any external/internal parasites! Yay!

Dewormings/Intestinal Parasites

Just like vaccines, there will be a series of dewormings. Your Veterinarian will check for worms(Intestinal parasites.) This test requires a stool sample. Bring a fresh stool sample with you from your pet. If you’re unable to, the nurse can get a sample from your pet or they may ask you to bring one next time.

You can’t see all types of intestinal parasites. You can see a few with the naked eye, but there are several we have to look at under a microscope, so it is always good to check a sample.

Be sure to ask your Veterinarian what they recommend for your area.

I hope you enjoy your new bundle of furry joy. If you have any questions I will be happy to talk to you or you can ask your local Vet!

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First Vet Visit: What to Expect #newpuppy #newkitten #firstvetvisit
First Vet Visit: What to Expect #newpuppy #newkitten #firstvetvisit

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