Please, Don’t Kiss The Babies- RSV Is Real

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) can be passed from adults to babies without even knowing it. As adults, our immune system can handle it, but babies can’t.

Maybe you’ve seen the memes going around social media telling you not to kiss the babies. Normally memes are to be funny, but these can save a life.

RSV in newborns. How to protect from RSV.
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Please, Don't Kiss The Babies- RSV #RSV #newborns

As a first time Mama, I’m not a germaphobe. I pretty much go by the 5-second rule. When a pacifier hits the ground it doesn’t get sanitized in a boiling bath. It might get a quick rinse under water, maybe I just stick it in my mouth real quick. Yeah… I’m that Mom.

But, I think every news station in my area has posted something on the severity of RSV this season and it’s got me worried.

I believe germs are good, it builds a strong immune system before they go to school and having their systems really tested.

As Mom’s, we want nothing more than to keep our babies safe and healthy. So, please, don’t kiss the babies. Please, don’t spread your germs. It’s RSV season.

What is RSV?

During colder months RSV runs rampant. RSV stands for Respiratory Synctial Virus Infection. This virus presents itself with cold-like symptoms in adults, but can be very deadly for infants and those with weakened immune systems.

One little kiss can spread a deadly virus. People with RSV are contagious for 3 to 8 days without even knowing it. It may be incredibly hard to stay away from those adorable baby cheeks, but for the sake of the baby, please keep to yourself .

Rules To Follow With RSV

  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your face away from baby’s face
  • Stay home if you’re sick
  • Use hand sanitizer
  • Cover your mouth when you go to cough or sneeze

Just don’t kiss the babies!

Do your best. Protect the babies. Don’t be the reason they end up in the hospital.

Please, Don't Kiss The Babies- RSV #RSV #newborns
Please, Don't Kiss The Babies- RSV #RSV #newborns

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