Soft Baby Sheets: The Softest Crib Sheet For Your Baby

Soft baby sheets are amazing for baby skin and help them sleep better. After having a baby I was really disappointed that crib sheets aren’t softer. They’re rough! Cotton is rough. I recently come across Posh Peanut. Their fabric is made of viscose from bamboo. It’s said to be softer than a baby’s bum, let’s find out! Here’s my take on Posh Peanut Crib Sheets.


Super Soft

Now I don’t know if you’ve ever felt anything from Cariloha, but that stuff is S.O.F.T. It’s made from the same bamboo viscose, but Cariloha doesn’t make things for children and their adult sheet sets sell for over $200. I don’t have these sheets, but Posh Peanut has allowed me to let my child feel the same thing for a much more affordable price! The feel of these sheets is unbelievable. Softer than a baby’s bum is an understatement!

Soft Baby Sheets

Soft Baby Sheets: Beautiful vibrant colors

The sheets for girls are bright and beautiful! I was concerned that the boy’s dinosaur sheets wouldn’t even be on the same level. It’s so difficult to find anything for boys that isn’t borderline gender neutral, so when I saw the dinosaur sheet I immediately put it in the cart.It is as bright as its going to get for dinosaurs without making them look like cartoons. Plus, I feel like boys don’t like bright things like girls do.

Held up after washing

I always wash new clothes, blankets, and sheets. Anything I recieve that will touch my son’s skin, get’s a good washing first. After first feel of the Posh Peanut crib sheet I didn’t want anything to change about it. I kinda got scared that the super soft fabric would be fragile and fall apart in the wash. But it withstood and came out just like it did out of the bag.

The Verdict for Soft Baby Sheets

Soft Baby Sheets

With three solid home runs, these soft baby sheets win from me and my little one. They held up in the wash, bright colors, and you won’t find anything softer. It holds up to my standards and R immediately jumped on it and got his feel. I suggest you take advantage of these AMAZING Posh Peanut crib sheets and get yours ordered today or add them to your Amazon Baby Registry!

Don’t forget to check out the other styles from Posh Peanut!

Soft baby sheets
Soft baby sheets
Soft baby sheets

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