Traveling With Cats: Items To Make It Easier

Traveling with cats can be an exhausting process, but we’re not going to let that happen. By the end of this list you will be prepared and you’ll be sure that they are happy and comfortable while traveling. The following items will help out a lot.

Traveling With Cats

A Cat Carrier

This is especially helpful for long car rides or plane flights. Most carriers can be attached with a seatbelt by going through the handle, but if you can get one with an extra attachment clip, it’ll be helpful. Make sure their carrier isn’t shut so tight as this can cause injury from struggling against it when trying to get free. Give them some breathing space but make sure they can’t escape. 

Cat food/Water

Bring their normal food and snap a picture of the brand they’re used to just in case you run out. You don’t want to have to deal with an upset stomach from a change of food while traveling. Cats require about one cup of freshwater per day which equals out at eight cups if your vacation is two weeks long! Make sure there are plenty of bowls available so all siblings (if traveling together) can eat and drink without having any competition over resources. And make sure the bowls are heavy enough that they won’t spill over if the kitties shake or paw at them  

Litter Box/Litter/Scoop

A collapsable litter box can be your best friend while traveling. Use disposable liners or even trash bags to make things easier on the go and they make carrying litter easier.


Cat nip toys for extra entertainment during car rides. Some of their favorites from home with help keep them comfortable with familiar smells. Just don’t pile up the carrier where they may be uncomfortable.

 Favorite Snacks 

Treats or canned food can entice them to eat more if you have a nervous kitty. Give them one meal before leaving for your trip which will help calm any anxiety they may feel when being left alone.

A favorite blanket or toy to comfort them during the trip and also make a place for them to feel safe in your hotel room.


Feliway is a pheromone releaser. Pheromones are chemicals released into the environment affecting the behavior of an animal. In cats, these pheromones are released when they rub their cheeks on things or when they nurse on their mother as kittens. It will give your cat a good feeling while traveling.

Check Your Vet

As always, check with your Veterinarian before traveling with cats. You’ll need a health certificate to cross state lines, travel by plane, or go into another country. I would make sure their vaccines are up to date and will cover any viruses they may come into contact with on the trip. You can also talk with your Veterinarian about a light sedative or even anti-nausea medications to have on hand in case your feline friend doesn’t do well with the trip.

Conclusion To Traveling With Cats

Your cat and carrier may have to go through an airport security checkpoint and you’ll need to get their carrier up on the conveyor belt for scanning. Make sure they’re not a prohibited item! You may also want to check with the airlines about whether or not there are certain restrictions on how much liquid, food, or other items that passengers may bring aboard planes.      

If possible, try and fly during off-peak periods such as between September and November (especially if flying internationally). This way it is less likely for delays which could cause additional stress for your pet in addition to waiting at airports more than necessary. 

Have fun! Give them plenty of love before departure because this might be one of the most stressful events for your cat. When you are traveling with cats, it is important to do everything that you can to make them feel safe and secure. 

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