Writing A Blog Post: The First One Does Matter

When I started writing my blog I had no idea what to start writing about or how to even put it in words. Everything I was reading on “How To Start A Blog” said that before you publish your website and go live that you should have at least 10 posts ready to publish.

I didn’t even know where I needed to start with my first post. I also didn’t know how I needed to write, what words to use, or how I was needed to format it. I hadn’t written a paper since college!

Writing A Blog Post: The First One Does Matter. Get your first post right the first time.

Go Off The Name Of Your Blog

Why are you starting this particular blog? What are you wanting to help people with? What is your main point? Who are you writing to?

I based my first posts on the name of my blog. With the name being Babies&Fur House, my first posts were How To Prepare Pets For A Newborn and Introducing A New Pet To Your Family.

I’ve combined babies and pets because households usually have pets, children or both under one roof. Hence the House in Babies&Fur House. I’m a new mom, but I’ve been a Licensed Vet Tech for over 10 years. I’ve combined my two worlds, but I wanted to have open doors if I wanted to write about cleaning, home decor or even crafts.

Write Like You’re Talking To A Friend

After reading more on writing posts, the best tip I received was to write as if I was talking to a family member or a friend. Basically, to forget what I had learned in college. Screw the APA format… woo, hoo.. or whatever it was, I can’t remember now.

Though I was a good kid in school and as much as I enjoyed forgetting formatting, I did want everything spelled right. I wanted to be able to focus on my writing and not have to proofread several times after it was written.

Cue Grammarly! We’ll touch more on this in a second.

Length does matter while writing blog posts

If you’ve been reading on SEO and ranking in Google, then you’ve probably read where the length of your post does matter. A good post is generally from 1000 to 1500 words.

Make use of Grammarly

When I was first introduced to Grammarly, I thought it was just like spellcheck, but it actually does so much more than that.

One of my favorite things is how it tells me the tone of my post. It makes sure I’m friendly and joyful and not forceful or too direct. It checks my punctuation, spelling and keeps my writing flowing.

Make sure your writing is effective and mistake-free with Grammarly.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

Trying to get my creative juices flowing with my first post, I started writing and one idea led to the next. All the ideas came flooding in and I had to start a list so I wouldn’t forget them all. I’ve compiled a list of blog post ideas to get you started until your creative ideas start flowing in.

Writing A Blog Post Ideas

  1. A layout of your day
  2. How you got to where you are today
  3. How you’ve grown in the past year
  4. Goals for the year
  5. Quotes on your niche and what they mean to you
  6. Roadmap to success in your industry
  7. Give a glimpse into your work, how you come up with your creativity
  8. Come up with costumes related to your niche
  9. Help readers come up with gifts related to your niche
  10. Highlight ways people can improve in your niche
  11. “How To” on something related to your niche
  12. Blog round-up of bloggers in the same niche
  13. An insight into your workspace or home decor
  14. A round-up of the funniest meme’s related to your niche
  15. The top items you work with/recommend for readers interested in what you do
  16. Explain the origin behind your company name or logo
  17. Make a list of your favorite tools, apps, blogs, and websites
  18. Advice on how to network with people in your niche
  19. Create useful templates with Canva and explain how to use them
  20. Self-care tips for someone in your niche

Your first post does count. It gives your readers an insight into your blog and is the turning point for awesomeness. It lets your readers get excited about what is to come from you

Have your first post yet? Not sure where to go from here?

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Writing A Blog Post: The First One Does Matter
Writing A Blog Post: The First One Does Matter

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